Ask the Mayor: Curry answers your questions on The Morning Show

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Periodically on News4Jax we're going to have a conversation with Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry.

Our goal is to sit down with the mayor to talk about some of the big stories of the week.

"Ask the Mayor" will allow you to ask questions about what's happening in your city.   

On Friday, we delved into Curry's impressions after Hurricane Dorian. Did he feel like the city was over-prepared? Were there any regrets?

"We've seen in the storms that Jacksonville's dealt over the last few years, I think three years ago was Matthew. Had that thing, that morning, not wobbled a little bit (in the) direction it did, who knows what it would have been? But it would have been a much worse than what we experienced, and we had extreme flooding at the beach from that," Curry said. "So when you have a storm the size of Dorian just off your coast, I would do the same thing again."

We also asked questions submitted directly from viewers.

Craig Williams asked "Will the city consult the people who live and frequent downtown on what should replace the Landing instead of others who don't?"

"I would love to hear their input. There are some rumors out there, some have said we're going to turn those properties into green space; that's absurd," Curry said. "I think part of it should be green space, but part of it the market needs to build something iconic on those two areas, and there needs to be space for the public to operate. In the end, what will the market bear?"

To see all questions that we asked Mayor Curry, and his answers, click the play button on the video above.

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