Good or gross? Health inspectors find both in area restaurants

2 Jacksonville eateries found with violations; Food truck earns perfect score

2 Jacksonville eateries found with violations; Food truck earns perfect score.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you're looking for something good, greasy or just plain gross, we found it all in this week's Restaurant Report. 

Two restaurants were found with platefuls of violations.

At the Crafty Crab on 103rd Street in the Cedar Hills neighborhood of Jacksonville's Westside, according to state regulators' records, nine live roaches were spotted inside the restaurant. Inspectors said a repeat violation was issued for dead roaches. Records also show flies swarmed the bar, dining room and kitchen. After three follow-up inspections, the Crafty Crab fixed all the problems and reopened with a perfect report.

WATCH: Eateries found with platefuls of violations 
VIEW INSPECTION REPORTS: Crafty Crab | Little Caesars

In San Jose, the Little Caesars pizza restaurant on University Boulevard West shut down for several days after 10 dead roaches and 30 live bugs were uncovered under the pizza oven and near the reach-in cooler, inspectors said. More were found throughout the kitchen during each follow-up inspection, according to state records. Six visits and four days later, the bugs are gone and the business reopened.

And, we're giving a big round of applause for the Boston's Dogs food truck, which earned a perfect score with zero violations during a surprise inspection last week.