Lauren Verno answers your questions about the Holiday Money Hunt

Lauren Verno answers your questions about the Holiday Money Hunt
Lauren Verno answers your questions about the Holiday Money Hunt

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This is no gimmick, and there are no strings attached. There is $2.3 billion up for grabs across Florida in unclaimed funds.

News4Jax teamed up with the Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis’ office to find people that money. Twenty-four hours after the Holiday Money Hunt began, 3,441 people in Jacksonville had claimed $610,587.92.

Ready for the even better news? There are still billions of dollars out there ready to be claimed.

In News4Jax’s original story on the Holiday Money Hunt, we broke down how much money was available in more than 100 ZIP codes across Northeast Florida.

News4Jax had so many people reach out to us, so we’re answering your most asked questions.

  • I went to the website and got a message. What should I do? The message says “Notification of Required Maintenace.” The CFO’s office says the website performs routine maintenance at different times of the day. The maintenance should last about 5 minutes and then you should try again. A helpful tip: If you are checking on your phone, try clearing your browsing history. If you are checking on a desktop, try using a different browser.
  • The website I went to charges a fee to check my name. I thought this was free? It is! Double-check that you are on the correct website and you didn’t by mistake click on an ad. There are a lot of companies that offer to find your money for you but for a fee. Avoid those! Make sure to go to, the official website for the CFO’s office.
  • I found money. How do I claim it? How exciting! Once you find your name and correlate it with the address listed, click on the claim number on the left side of the name. Then you will be asked a series of questions before being taken to a secure site to fill out your Social Security number, address and email address to verify who you are. Click save and continue and it will take you to how much money is associated to that account.

Finally, if you don’t find any money for yourself, make sure to check for friends, family and neighbors.

If you do find money, let us know! We love hearing success stories.

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