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Frustrated over unemployment system, laid-off hospitality worker walks to Tallahassee

Beau Guyott spent 27 days walking 417 miles to state capital

Beau Guyott
Beau Guyott (Capitol News Service)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A Palm Beach hospitality worker spent 27 days walking 417 miles to the state capital to raise awareness about Florida’s unemployment system, which has been criticized for its difficulty in filing claims and also for delays in getting payments during the coronavirus pandemic.

After his offers to volunteer to help clear up the backlog went unanswered, Beau Guyott will spend the night in Tallahassee before taking a 6 a.m. bus home on Monday in case he is recalled to work.

He said he filed March 17 for state unemployment benefits and hasn’t seen a dime, despite being told his application is complete.

“My application is currently eligible and active. I don’t have an answer," Guyott said. "I was going over several of the applications with my co-workers, and they are filled out completely, and they are not paid.”

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Guyott was one of dozens of people who traveled to the Capitol, looking for relief. He spent most nights sleeping in a sleeping bag, with an occasional hotel room. His journey has been chronicled on the web site WalkTallahassee.com.

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