Wild Ride: Canoe gets stuck on an alligator's back

By Carianne Luter - Social Media Producer

Talk about a wild ride! 

Video captured the moment a Floridian got stuck on the back of a large alligator while canoeing in a central Florida lake. 

The See Through Canoe Company said he stayed there for what seemed like forever. 

"There really wasn't time to do anything but hold on when this gator rose up from the muddy water below and bumped the See Through Canoe. He stayed there for what seemed like forever, with the canoe sort of stuck on his back. When the gator finally backed up and submerged, the canoe moved with him for a few feet before he went down."

The video was taken in July of 2016, but was just now uploaded, See Through Canoe said. 

"After rising up under the canoe, the gator sat there for a full 30 seconds which seemed like a really long time. Then he backed up for a few feet before he submerged and disappeared." 

The See Through Canoe has also captured other wild encounters on camera, spotting dolphins and manatees! 

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