Clay County deputies looking into suspected teenage fight club

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – The Clay County Sheriff’s Office says it’s looking into a suspected teenage fight club after fight videos began popping up on social media.

The videos were removed from social media after gaining a lot of attention, but News4Jax was able to get a copy of two of the videos before they were taken down. In one of the videos that deputies are investigating, children, who appear to be in their teens, in Keystone Heights can be seen beating up each other.

A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told News4Jax that she recognized one of the children seen in the video. The woman, who is a mother, said she and other mothers are now worried about their children’s safety.

“Very surprising because it’s like right down the street -- literally down street,” she said Tuesday. "It’s close by and shocking to see it.”

The woman said the fights happened inside Keystone Heights Beach Park and would involve younger children being jumped by older children.

Two of the children believed to be involved could be seen holding what appeared to be firearms in photos posted on social media.

The woman who spoke with News4Jax said she hopes recorded fistfights don’ts escalate to gun violence.

“It’s like they’re being boastful about it," she said.

It’s unclear whether any of the teens seen in the videos will be charged or given a warning once they are identified by investigators.

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