Red Cross volunteers heading to Gulf Coast ahead of Hurricane Delta

Volunteers are heading to the Gulf to help with hurricane recovery. The area has already been ravaged by previous storms. Jennifer Ready joins The Morning Show Live.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Help is on the way ahead of Hurricane Delta.

Red Cross volunteers are leaving Tuesday to help those affected by the oncoming storm.

The team is packing supplies and heading to headquarters in Alabama.

The group will help the Gulf Coast area with hurricane preps, food, shelters and aftermath resources.

Volunteers said that assisting others this year has been particularly challenging due to COVID-19, but in the end, it’s always worth it.

“With the COVID environment, we are always trying to manage safety, so if we open a school, we try to limit that to 100 people max," said Jack Morgan, American Red Cross volunteer and chief of staff for the disaster relief operation being set up in anticipation of Delta making landfall. “How can you help somebody in their greatest time of need? And I guess that’s why I do it and continue to do it.”

Morgan said the Red Cross is always looking for volunteers, including virtual ones. To sign up, visit