JSO bodycams roll as wildlife officers corral emu on the lam

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police officers had a front-row view as officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Jacksonville Animal Care and Control rounded up a large and aggressive bird on the Westside last week.

The emu was on the run Thursday afternoon near Cassie Road. One witness reported the fast, land-based bird was chasing people around Hammond and Cahoon. Crews were able to corral the large bird and, using nets, move it into a waiting trailer around 1 p.m.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office dispatched officers to help and their body cameras recording the bird’s fling with freedom. One officer seemed amused as he took time to snap a photo with his phone.

“I’m 10-12 (police code for “visitors are present”) with an emu. Oh, it’s fantastic,” he can be heard on this camera’s audio.

Native to Australia, emus are the largest living bird after the ostrich and can reach up to nearly 100 pounds stand almost 6 feet tall.

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