People rescued from flooding on roads Sunday afternoon

Several roads in Jacksonville were closed Sunday afternoon as heavy rains led to flooding.

Multiple people had to be rescued from flooding on McCoy’s Creek Blvd Sunday afternoon.

The McCoy Creek Restoration Project started last month. The city wants to mitigate the ongoing and chronic flooding in the area.

After what we saw, people living on the street said they hope the plan works.

“The city needs to do something about it. It’s been like this for way too long. Over 20 years and it just don’t make no sense,” said resident Chanta Williams.

Even with its history, cars still risk driving through it. Williams said even with the barricades up, people drive through her yard to get around them.

It seems like after every rain event the street floods. There are also signs up for the McCoy Creek Restoration project. It started in June.

The city of Jacksonville website says the street will be removed permanently because it’s a low-lying road located in the floodplain of McCoy’s Creek.

The plan is to restore the natural channel design, expand the flood plain and give more room for water runoff.

This is an 18-month project pending weather and other delays.

Meanwhile, the street is going to flood, and people try to get through it.

“I’ve seen several cars get stuck and come through this way and try to come through the barricades. As you can see, all the tire marks and tracks because they still come through,” said Williams.

JFRD said it’s best to avoid this area during rain.

If you’re driving and see standing water, turnaround.

And the best way to help someone you see trapped in a flood is to call 911.

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