Man in violent encounter with JSO during traffic stop says he didn’t resist arrest

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville man says he was the person at the center of a traffic stop that ended in a violent confrontation with police.

After the cellphone video went public, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office released bodycam footage of the incident and said the officers involved did not violate any laws or JSO policy. Natra Jones, 30, was charged with resisting an officer with violence and possession of cocaine. He was also cited for unknowingly driving on a suspended license and operating a vehicle with an expired tag.

Jones said despite what police said they found in the car, he did not resist arrest. He also said he did not deserve to be beaten in front of onlookers. He said he’s still physically recovering.

“I was harassed. I was beaten. My lip is still split. It’s still red in my eye. You can see right now. If you look at this medical report, it says fracture of facial bones,” Jones said.

Bodycam video shows the moment the violent encounter started as officers were attempting to put handcuffs on Jones.

“Were you doing anything with your hands that could have been misconstrued as resisting because we could not see your hands in the videos?” reporter Erik Avanier asked Jones.

“I was told a while back that any type of friction or tensing with the officers is considered resisting. So, I know they grabbed me and was like stop resisting,” Jones responded.

In the video, Jones was stun gunned. While on the ground, one of the officers said he saw what appeared to be a firearm.

The police didn’t find a weapon. Moments later, while Jones is handcuffed on the ground, an officer is performing a more invasive search.

Jones: “Sir you got my pants down.”

Officer: “Yes, I’m trying to get this object out of you.”

Once again, the body search turned up no weapon.

Jones says not only was he a victim of excessive force, but also humiliated.

“An officer tells him to pull his underwear out and not down. And the only reason he told him that was because he pulled my underwear down and violated me and showed my private area to everyone in attendance,” Jones said.

Jones says despite his criminal past and despite what police say they found in his car, he should not have been subjected to violence.

After we spoke with Jones, News4JAX contacted JSO for an updated response. They declined to respond to Jones’ claims and referred to their previously released statement, which we have reprinted below:

“Yesterday afternoon, Sheriff Waters was notified by concerned citizens of an incident involving the use of force by Jacksonville Sheriff’s officers that had occurred the evening prior. Since that notification, the Sheriff, senior staff members, and members of the Professional Oversight Unit have reviewed the available reports and body worn camera footage associated with this incident. Based on this thorough examination, this administration has concluded that the officers involved did not violate Florida law or Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office policy by their actions. This agency understands and is sensitive to the community’s concern regarding police use of force. Cognizant of that and in keeping with this administration’s commitment to openness and transparency, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has today publicly released the relevant body worn camera footage pertaining to this incident.”

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