Double whammy: Rising gas, food prices hit local food trucks

Florida gas prices on the rise — again, AAA says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Florida gas prices rose 12 cents per gallon last week, according to AAA. On Monday, the state average was $3.58 per gallon. That’s tied with the highest price of 2023, which was initially set in late January, according to data from AAA.

The price increase doesn’t just affect drivers at the pump, but also rising food prices.

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Local food truck owners are speaking out about the rising prices. They are saying the customers are paying more because of the increases.

“We try to be conscious about it, but also on the other hand, we have to make sure that we survive and make a little bit of money you know?” Julio Gonzalez, the owner of Jammas Jax, told News4JAX.

It’s a double whammy for food trucks because not only do they have to fill their big tanks to get around the area – when they stop – they run on gas-powered generators.

John LaForge, an executive with Wells Fargo, told News4JAX small businesses are feeling the pinch – and prices will continue to rise as we move into the summertime.

“Well, oil is that one commodity that’s attached to everything. It is the input costs that will drive every cost up for a food truck, there’s nothing you can do about it, whether it’s your gasoline, whether it’s the tire on the actual truck itself, the food has to get to them somehow, that uses oil that uses gasoline,” LaForge said. “There’s really no way around it at this point. We’re not producing enough globally. We’re not producing enough locally here in the US in terms of gasoline and oil. And I know, especially in the US, we want to get away from fossil fuels. Well, that process has begun. But we’re still demanding a lot of them.”

The cheapest gas in the Jacksonville area is the Citgo in MacClenny for $3.25, according to Gas Buddy. The second cheapest is the 76 gas station on 103rd Street for $3.27. There are cheaper prices than both of those places at Sam’s Club and BJ’s, but you need a membership.

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