Jacksonville residents cautiously optimistic about transformative Jaguars stadium renovation proposal

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The city is still buzzing about the potential $1.3 billion major revamp of the Jaguars stadium.

On Wednesday, the team released plans for the futuristic stadium remodel.

Many fans who spoke to News4JAX are excited, but they’re hesitant to believe this will happen until they see it.

The focus right now is not only on the stadium but all the development in downtown that could happen if this remodel goes through.

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The images of the proposed stadium are amazing and locals are wondering is this like the long history of amazing renderings in Jacksonville or will a new stadium be the spark to bring some vibrance into downtown.

Jennifer Genao hosts the Jacksonville-based “Jenerally Speaking” podcast which often focuses on Jacksonville’s nightlife. She’s talked to many people who get hesitant when they hear stories like these.

“That’s what I get the most is poele telling me I’ll believe it when I see it. I get that because I think we’ve been waiting a long time,” Genao said. “It’s one of those where people are just like waiting to see it before they believe it. I think it’s been a long time coming for downtown Jacksonville to revamp that area.”

Outgoing city councilman Sam Newby feels this is finally the time Jacksonville will move forward. He also thinks the Lot J development which failed in 2021 could come back to the table.

“I don’t see any hold-ups with the Mayor Curry administration and the council. We were in the works of doing it. But now it’s, I believe it’s going into the Deegan administration. It’s a big shot in the arm for the city,” Newby said.

As of now, early negotiations between the mayor’s office and the Jags show the cost to the public could be between $800 and $934 million for the stadium, plus up to another $100 million for the adjacent sports district.

Councilman Newby said he feels incoming Mayor Donna Deegan wants this to happen as does the majority of the city council. The question remains for Mayor Deegan of how the city plans to pay for it and how they want to handle where the team plays during construction.

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