Going Ringside Ep. 29: AEW fires CM Punk

Detailing the back story of this high profile firing and what comes next

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On the heels of All Elite Wrestling hosting the biggest crowd in history, a very controversial story popped up. It involved CM Punk, arguably the company’s biggest star. There had been a real life fight of some sort backstage and the whole wrestling world was talking about it. Apparently it involved Punk (real name Phil Brooks) in some sort of fight with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry. Perry is the real-life son of the late actor Luke Perry.

Following days of rumors about the fight swirling on social media AEW came out with a shocking statement. They had fired CM Punk.

Following that AEW Tony Khan made a video for viewers explaining his reasons for the firing. He went so far to say: “I Felt My Life Was In Danger”.

In this episode of “Going Ringside” we are joined by the “Turnbuckle Tavern” Podcast to discuss what this means for AEW and whether CM Punk could feasibly go back to WWE.

We also interview a veteran lawyer who has handled numerous high profile sports and entertainment cases about whether there could be any legal action as a result of everything that happened.

About the Author:

Scott is a multi-Emmy Award Winning Anchor and Reporter, who also hosts the “Going Ringside With The Local Station” Podcast. Scott has been a journalist for 25 years, covering stories including six presidential elections, multiple space shuttle launches and dozens of high-profile murder trials.