Jax ranked 2nd in booming tech industry

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - According to Forbes magazine, Jacksonville is the second hottest market for tech jobs in the country.

Mike Stockwell with Peak 10, a information technology provider, agrees that the tech industry in the River City is booming.

"We've seen a very similar growth for Peak 10, especially here in Jacksonville. My career matches that Forbes snapshot from 2001 to today, basically, and we've seen more than a 50 percent increase from a job growth perspective," said Stockwell. 

The news from Forbes wasn't a surprise to Stockwell, the general manager of the Peak 10 office on the Southside. The company houses IT support for many companies around the globe. 

"I'm not shocked by it, here in Jacksonville, Florida, the growth we've seen from a startup in 2000 to today," said Stockwell.

Former Jacksonville Mayor John Delaney heads the Jax-USA Partnership board for Jacksonville's Chamber of Commerce. 

"The growth is in a place like Jacksonville and Oklahoma City, which surprised people. But businesses take note of the kind of people you can employ in Jacksonville. It's all part of the soup that makes it a good place to grow an economy," said Delaney. 

Companies like Peak 10 are forecasted for continued growth, and already have plans to hire more workers in 2013. 

"It is a great time to be in tech here in Jacksonville," said Stockwell.