Woman hopes to make world greener, enhance lives -- one stitch at a time

Nancy Kennedy recycles plastic into beach bags for good cause

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local woman is saving the environment and helping people with autism at the same time.

Nancy Kennedy turns unwanted plastic into beach bags and sells them for a good cause. 

Kennedy has made nearly 1,000 bags so far. It takes her 12 to 14 hours to complete one bag. 

"One hundred percent of the profits go to the Healthy U Now Foundation," Kennedy said.

The Healthy U Now Foundation is a local nonprofit that helps people with autism. The organization is raising money to build a residential center. 

The foundation says more resources for people with autism are needed. She said tthe organization has everything it needs to move forward with building the residential center -- except the money. 

Each beach bag Kennedy sells is unique and costs $25.

"It's my way of being able to do something special to help to raise money to build the place," Kennedy said. "$25 at a time doesn't sound like much, but it adds up over time."

Teens who are looking for ways to get volunteer hours are encouraged to contact the foundation, which can get them in touch with Kennedy, who uses volunteers to help make the beach bags. 

"People who have children with autism. There's hope, and they can have a good life and a meaningful life," Kennedy said. 

To learn more about the Healthy U Now Foundation, click here.

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