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Jacksonville artist specializes in Japanese paper cutting technique

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville is filled with many artists. Some use techniques that create amazing pieces.

One in particular is called Japanese paper cutting and a local artist is grabbing the attention of many.

Hiromi Moneyhun makes detailed pieces, elaborate in shape and design. It’s called Japanese Paper Cut.

“So Japanese paper cut are is, well, simply cutting out paper in a silhouette or whole imagery with some people use scissors or knife, and I’m using knife to cut out paper,”said Moneyhun.

Moneyhun is inspired by nature, but also uses the work to make statements about compassion for the environment.

“Yes. So this piece ‘Adrift’ is about ocean pollution and I kind of I wanted to create like a we us human, like a kind of drowning kind of our own problem our own pollution trash,” said Moneyhun.

And if you think it takes a while to create each piece you are right. One took about 10 months.

It’s a creative craft that is unique, challenging, but amazing to see.