Eden Makes Fudge at Kilwin’s | River City Live

Dana Stallings and daughter Hayley Dougherty are no strangers to doing things for a great cause. Ordinarily, their family business, Kilwins at the St Johns Town Center sponsors the Ice Cream Run, a fundraiser for the Clarke School. Dana said, “so this year … we decided just to cancel the race for the safety of everyone. We decided to do a fundraiser with fudge this year. So for every slice of fudge that we sell a dollar of that will go towards Clarke. And then the Stallings family is also donating $1 for every dollar raised”.

She is referring to the Clarke School for Hearing and Speech, which teaches children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk. There’s a reason the Clarke school means so much to the Stallings.

“I have moderate to severe hearing loss and I wear hearing aids.” said Hayley. " I started attending Park School about 24 years ago, I was there for four years. And Clark taught me how to speak and talk and communicate with my family.” She says she will be forever grateful for that. Dana added “So when Haley was three we were a young family, and we didn’t have the funds to be able to send her to Clarke. And so we found out that there’s other donors that help raise money for the school for families that can’t afford it at that time, and we’re at the point in our lives that we can now give back and help other families that are in that same situation.”