Highlighting Incredible, Local Athletes with ITG Next | River City Live

Born and raised in Sylvester, Georgia, entrepreneur Mark Dykes experienced South Georgia’s prevalent passion toward high school sports early and often. After years of struggling to find the time to fully enjoy that sports tradition while pursuing careers in other fields, he eventually decided to take the leap of faith in trying to connect with the culture by launching In the Game High School Sports Magazine in 2007.

In that leap, he found firm footing thanks to the key relationships he created, the clear viability of a market starving for the enhanced coverage, and the consistent quality and positivity of the products.

Since then, the company has continually matured and grown in its size and scope. However, an evolution became necessary as the world changed alongside the company. The name In the Game High School Sports Magazine became increasingly unrepresentative of who the company was and what it offered to the local communities it engaged. True to the revamped name, ITG Next is a sports media company that seeks to push our coverage, our audience, and ultimately ourselves to the next level.

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