Skin Care & More For All Ages with Noreen Young | River City Live

Skin Care & More For All Ages with Noreen Young | River City Live
Skin Care & More For All Ages with Noreen Young | River City Live

Seniors Want To Look good and feel fabulous too. So, Noreen discovered some awesome products and sharing some tips you need to know about.

Glowing and toned skin are top requests Noreen hears from women of all ages. Face Fitness is an easy helpful book for exercises and rituals for toned, glowing skin you can do at home. By Patricia San Pedro worth looking into!

Another great beauty and words of wisdom to empower women read is I am Invincible by New York designer Norma Kamali. Noreen is learning so much from these two great for summer reads books. You will enjoy them too.

We need to protect our eyes. Our ipads, computers and cell phones all emit blue light and aging our skin faster and putting strain on our eyes. Noreen recently discovered Bunny Eyez. They have blue light blocking lenses and are readers too. They can be worn the traditional way, or flip them at the temples for an entirely new experience.

These eye glasses and sunglasses are “unisex” and available in a variety of styles and colors. Guys will love them too!

Seniors need styling tools that are easy to use and CHI Hair Tools has a fabulous new Lava Ceramic Plates iron for sleek pretty hair. It’s called the Sparkler! This special edition hair iron is absolutely stunning with 3,000 crystals and is the latest in hair tools right now! I say bling it on! Add some glam to your hair styling!

Everyone seems to be affected by the past year. We’re losing sleep and counting sheep, were stressed out, anxious and need a little relief.

Besides sipping a cup of relaxing chamomile tea, Martha Stewart has recently launched a line of CBD Gummies. The gummies come in a luxe box and an array of delicious flavors like blood orange, kumquat, meyer lemon and berry. They taste good and give you a sense of calm.