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What Types of Shark are in Our Florida Waters | River City Live

Summer is here and people flock to the beach AKA the home of sharks! Sharks are truly remarkable creatures but should we fear them? Our Friend Jodi Leafer, a member of Shark Angles stopped by the studio to educated us on sharks and shark attacks. Shark Angles mission is turning fear into fascination and passion into action. They are all about sharks and our oceans. Their goal is to inspire the protection of both through innovative education and advocacy programs.

On this segment Jodi explained what to do if you ever see a shark in the ocean. She also explained what not to do and that is just as important. Jodi mentioned that shark attacks are commonly miss labeled, it would be more accurate to call them shark bites. In general sharks do not eat people, when they do bite humans it is usually a case of mistaken identity where they think we are their natural prey, like a sea lion. Jodi has swam all over the world with several different species of sharks and her advice is simple, stand your ground, look them in the eye and do not panic you are not their prey. Easier said then done.

To find out more go to sharkangels.org.