Best reads and beauty needs for the summer

Heading into the long Memorial Weekend is a great to time to unwind...Noreen Young is back to share a few fun ideas and reasons to celebrate the month of May.

May is Asian American Pacific Islander month. There are many beauty brands that you can explore when you surf and shop online over the weekend.

It is also Skin Cancer Awareness month a great time to visit the beach or for outdoor activities. Make sure you wear sunglasses outdoors and slather on sunscreen and protect your families skin too. Time to throw out your old sunscreens. Buy a mineral sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF50 are what to look for. By the way walking on the beach in wet sand near the water exfoliates your feet and soles kissing dead skin “GoodBye”.

This long weekend is also a great time to curl up to a good book on the beach and or in bed and learn something new. New York Times best-selling author Kimberly Snyder has just launched a book You Are More Than You Think You Are -filled with Practical Enlightenment for Everyday Life.

Chef and TV co-host of The Good Dish TV show Daphne OZ has a new cookbook called Eat Your Heart Out. I am in love with this cook book. She calls it a “reset yourself” kind of book I call it delicious and FUN! Healthier meal recipes for the whole family. Yummy snacks and delights too. Cook up a storm this weekend and enjoy a delicious weekend and add a new cookbook to your kitchen library. Easy read and easy recipes too.

Give yourself, your sweetie or bestie a “Self-care” at home treat or two:

Southerners love drinking iced tea. Check out The Qi a wellness brand is rooted in time-honored Eastern ritual. Lisa created an aromatic wonderful brand of TEA that is a flower tea. NO tea bags. Who knew sipping whole flowers in tea was possible and so pleasurable?

My favorites so far are Shangri-La Rose and Chrysanthemum. Vegan ,sustainably sourced, no preservatives. hand-picked, organically grown they work directly with small family farms across Asia.

The best part you can also use them as a FACIAL STEAM. Sipping tea will never be the same for you! Guys will love them too.

Treat your skin to AAPI founder Elina Wang’s just launched new and UNIQUE raw juice cleanse face masks. Kale, Spinach, Pineapple, Kiwi, Ginger, Pear, and more. They have a variety of delights for your skin. Deep Detox those Pores, Brightening Moisturizing, Soothing and more. Unisex

Beia Beauty has new wipes to keep you fresh all summer long founded by Brittany Lo.

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