Tiny Bottle, Big Dreams: Crafting Gusti’s Rosé Legacy from France to Jacksonville!

Gusti is a bubbly rosé from Provence, France displayed in a 250 ml beer bottle. This company was created in 2020 by three young entrepreneurs in the south of France. Augustin, Hugo, and Samantha are the ones behind the harvesting, bottling, marketing, event planning, and distribution for Gusti! They now have hit the Jacksonville market about a year ago and are in many places around Neptune beach, Atlantic beach, San Marco, Downtown Jacksonville, and St. Augustine! Their entire concept is for you to drink this refreshing and fruity bubbly rosé straight out of the bottle, in a glass, with a straw, or as a cocktail! Grab one at your local restaurants to see what they have to offer!  www.bubblygusti.com