National Thrift Shop Day

National Thrift Day is also a great occasion for someone new to thrifting to check it out. Here are Liz Morgan’s best tips to shop for fabulous finds!

Patience is a Thrifting Virtue. Plan to spend at least twice the amount of time shopping vintage versus a big box retail store. You’ve got to sift through every hanger, and every item of clothing because true treasures are hiding within. Goodwill is organized by category and color for clothes, but you’ll find items everywhere. Go ahead and give yourself plenty of time.

Shop With A Goal. Thrift shopping can be overwhelming, especially for shoppers that are new to it - but we do want to normalize thrifting and get everyone into it! . Go in with a plan to find specific things you need/want: dark wash jeans, a little black dress, a navy blazer. Being armed with a mission can help ease feeling overwhelmed by all the options.

Dress for It. Dress for a day of thrifting by wearing fitted tees, jeans – things you can easily try things on over your outfits for a quick “yay” or “nay” decision.

Be Open To Alterations. If you find something you love and it’s not exactly the right size, find a good seamstress or tailor. Between the thrift store price and alterations, your jackpot find might still be less expensive – and it definitely still helps qualify as sustainable fashion vs fast fashion. A couple tips when shopping for clothes, look for well-constructed pieces and quality fabrics that will stand the test of time. Check for a lining in a blazer or dress. A woven, not printed tag generally means a more expensive brand. Check garments for holes or stains that can’t be removed. Also keep an eye out for quality items.

Embrace Your Creativity. Finally remember to use your imagination and embrace your creativity. You are going to find things that are one of one, so open your mind to mix and match different pieces that embody your style.

Have Fun! Enjoy the thrill of the hunt, it can be addicting to discover hidden gems, not just in clothing but for furniture, electronics, housewares, artwork, books and more.

And for all our donors and shoppers, we thank you for your commitment to sustainability and giving pre-loved items a new purpose. Your thrifting is helping your neighbors and changing lives.