Local Sisters Design Sustainable Cork Bags and Jewelry

KORK is a company founded by sisters and co-designers of eco-conscious cork accessories that bring style to your life! For them it’s about more than fashion, it is their goal to give back to the environment, and the community making the world a better place. Each bag is unique, stylish and functional, and of course always, sustainable. Quality is very important to us, we have personally tested all of our products to ensure they meet our standards. We want to make sure every bag that is sold is a reflection of us. We GIVE BACK in many ways including 1% for the Planet, Recork, and donations to nonprofits such as United Way and more. Start thinking about the holidays ladies! You can order your bags directly online at www.korkgoods.com or in the most fashionable boutiques in North Florida like Linen and Waves, Spinster Abbotts, Pena Peck House and more!