Monday movement to prevent tech neck and fatigue!

Today Zen Miller is sharing her own daily stretching routine that will help us battle tech-neck and the shoulder slouch that comes with a workday grind! Make sure you are stopping for breaks to take a few deep breaths and stretch out your body throughout the day!

About The Zen Lounge

The Zen Lounge is a new, locally owned and operated Day Spa and Pilates Studio located in Avondale, Florida. Proprietress Zen Miller has returned to Florida after spending the last 25 years in Seattle, WA, at her award-winning Zen Lounge Day Spa. She is a multifaceted healer who takes the holistic approach to whole body wellness through education, awareness, and therapeutic touch. She draws upon 35 years experience in the Fitness, Health and Beauty industry and is excited to bring her nationally renowned signature services to Florida. *Accepting female only clients for massage.