Transition into Fall Décor for Less

You can mark the changing of the seasons in your home and get into the “spirit” for less by shifting and adding stores like Goodwill into the autumn décor hunt.

Save up to 80% off prices from big box retailers, and with every purchase from a thrift store like Goodwill, you are keeping items from landfills so it’s sustainable, too.

You find everything Halloween specific items, but you can also get creative. Here are some of our finds (and tips)

1. Shop by color vs theme. This is one of the biggest tips for décor and even clothes shopping at Goodwill, because the inventory is constantly changing, you can’t rely on finding SPECIFIC items, but you can group things by color. For Halloween, you traditionally go for orange and black, green and purple. Those oranges can go not just for Halloween.

2. Think big picture. If you can find items that have multi-uses (remember, we’re all about reuse and recycle at Goodwill), invest in those. I found this two-tiered wooden cake stand can take you right through the holiday season, and this orange glass lantern will work in general for autumn season.

3. Get Creative. One of my favorite and easiest DIYs for spooky season is to find picture frames that look ornate or even Victorian – like something you’d find in a haunted house. Grab a paperback book – only about 50 cents at Goodwill, and take the cover and frame it. Group the photos on an entry table or mantel to get into the spirit.

4. Halloween finds. One of the most fun things about thrifting is sometimes you hit a total, on-the-nose jackpot with your finds – for example, I found these Halloween signs for the porch, and this leaf embossed serving dish to display.

5. Look at items in a different light. You need to use the most creative parts of your brain when you are thrift shopping – look at things beyond their “intended” use. These clear glass canisters can be used to hold fall-themed candies.

6. Don’t overlook the locked cases up front by the register. Many items, seasonal items are gathered and collected and stored there. Make a pass by before you leave. Also, many little treasures can be found on top of the racks – basically, carve out plenty of time to explore every inch because finds are EVERYWHERE.

7. Post-Holiday Storage. Thrift shops almost always have great storage bins and containers. If you want to keep all your fall décor together after the holiday, plan ahead and pick up a bin to keep your finds together post-Halloween.

8. To save even more, check out the weekly tag sale – save 40% on top of the already reduced price.