Skin deep difference with microneedling

Jax Aesthetics Center is the premier medical spa in Jacksonville, FL. We specialize in non-surgical, non-invasive treatments for your face and body.

The Potenza microneedling treatment uses ultrafine needles and radiofrequency (RF) energy to penetrate the top layer of the skin and trigger the body’s natural healing process to regenerate new collagen and elastin.  Unlike some other skin revitalization treatments, these can be performed on all skin types, anywhere on the body and anytime of the year.

Potenza RF Microneedling performs like no topical (or even filler) ever could, actually stimulating your body’s collagen and elastin levels to treat the advanced signs of aging.  Skin looks younger, firmer, with improved texture, tone, and clarity.

Why choose Potenza for microneedling?

  • It’s the world’s first 4-mode RF device
  • Treats all skin types
  • Provides shallow and deep treatments in one system
  • One of a kind Fusion Tip to enhance topical penetration
  • Unique Tiger Tip technology
  • 10 different tips offer multiple treatment options for multiple skin conditions
  • Faster healing time and deeper penetration of serums compared to traditional microneedling