Thrifty Thursday: The 30 minute challenge!

Thrifting is at the heart of some of the most popular viral trends right now – from Date Night but Make it Goodwill to the 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge, where shoppers enter Goodwill and start the clock to see how many great finds they can snag in 30 minutes or less.

Liz Morgan with Goodwill took the challenge and is here to show us what she found in just half an hour.

At Goodwill, shoppers can save up to 80% off prices from big box retailers, and with every purchase from a thrift store like Goodwill, you are keeping items from landfills so it’s sustainable, too.

Here are some of her finds (and guidelines she used to find them).

1. Shop by color vs theme. This is one of the biggest tips for décor and even clothes shopping at Goodwill, because the inventory is constantly changing, you can’t rely on finding SPECIFIC items, but you can group things by color.

2. Think big picture. If you can find items that have multi-uses (remember, we’re all about reuse and recycle at Goodwill), invest in those.

3. Look EVERYWHERE. Don’t sleep on the top of the racks, some of the very best items are placed there.

4. Don’t overlook the locked cases up front by the register. Many items, seasonal items are gathered and collected and stored there. Make a pass by before you leave.

5. To save even more, check out the weekly tag sale – save 40% on top of the already reduced price.