Dr. Glass In Jax: Why an MRI can change your life!

1) Almost all Back and Neck pain that has associated Nerve pain like Sciatica is because of a budging, herniated, or damaged spinal disc. The only way to properly evaluate the condition of your disc is through an MRI.

2) Once we have an MRI and understand where the bulging or damaged discs are coming from, we then know if the patient is a good candidate for non-surgical spinal decompression, how and where to treat and target our decompression technology, and we will have a good idea of what the patient’s prognosis should be.

3) There is a myth that MRI’s cost thousands of dollars. Actually, we have a preferred rate established with multiple providers and for just $250 self-pay, we can get the study immediately that people need to properly address their condition. In most cases paying out of pocket is less expensive than going through insurance with copays and deductibles.

The first 10 callers that have back, neck and nerve pain, that have never had an MRI study, will receive our new patient special in our office that is normally a few hundred dollars for just $49 and if clinically necessary we will order an MRI to thoroughly and properly assess your spinal and disc and nerve condition.

If you have back and neck pain with associated nerve pain and they have never had an MRI evaluation you are not getting the right care.

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