House divided: Patriots, Jaguars fans under one roof

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Sunday's AFC Championship Game is going to be a little more tense in some Jacksonville-area households than others. Not everyone on the First Coast is a committed Jaguars fan.

Lauren Sanford was born in Jacksonville, but raised in New England and says that her heart lies with the Patriots.

Her fiancé, Patrick Googe, grew up in Jacksonville and is all about the Jaguars.

"I cannot cheer for the Pats; I just can’t do it. But give me kiss," Patrick said to Lauren while talking about their rivalry. "We are very competitive, but it would never get between us."

There certainly are worse things to disagree about in a relationship, but game time in this household is going to be tense.

"Don’t know whether to go separate places. We might just do at the house and literally put a duct tape line across. 'This is my side. This is your side,'" Googe said.

The couple said things have gotten heated, but they've never had a “real fight” over football. In fact, they try to be there for each other when times are tough.

"During the Super Bowl last year at halftime, she came up and was like, 'Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we're losing.' And I told her, 'You know, stick in there. You’ll be fine,'" Patrick said. "And then it ended up having that miraculous comeback. I was like, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything."

"I'm a diehard Patriots fan. I’m never going to give up on them. Even if Brady were to retire, they're still my team," Lauren said.

Patrick interrupts to ask: "What if the Jags beat the Pats? Will you cheer for the Jags?"

"We'll see," Lauren said. "What about for you?"

"No, absolutely not," Patrick said. "I don’t cheer for the Patriots. I just don’t like them. They've been on top for so long, I need someone new. Now that my team has the opportunity to be that."

Patrick may have some trouble compromising, but Lauren says she can.

"Think (the Jaguars) success is doing great things for Jacksonville. I think it’s really brought out the spirit of the people who live in Jacksonville. You can feel the community. I mean, I think it’s great, but go Patriots. I think it’s gonna be a great game, though."

One thing the couple agrees on: they always have a good time when they attend a game at EverBank Field. 
"I cheer for the Jags when I go to the Jags games," Lauren said.

"We love the Jags games," Patrick adds. "The atmosphere alone (at) EverBank is just one of the best in sports."
Patrick and Lauren talked about the potential of seeing their teams duke it out back when they held a scrimmage during the preseason, but but Lauren didn't believe the Jaguars would get this far.

"I’m honestly shocked it’s actually happened. We made out that when we beat them in preseason, 'We’ll see you at the Super Bowl.' No, no, no. We are the New England Patriots. You guys are the Jacksonville Jaguars. I said, 'OK, I bet will see you.' And now we’re here," Lauren.

The game that will surely have this couple on the edge of their seats during the game. And what happens after that?
"I'll drive to Minnesota (if) the Jags go to Super Bowl," Patrick said.

Asked if they'll go if New England wins, Patrick turns to Lauren: "Buy tickets. I’ll go. I’ll to have go if you buy tickets -- and cheer for Minnesota!"

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