Mark Brunell: As this season winds down, thoughts about Jaguars' future


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jaguars find a way to win in Miami in a game that doesn't leave much to write about. So here are a few thoughts as this season comes to an end.

  • Good to see the Jaguars win, but at this point securing a Top 5 pick in next year's draft would be nice.
  • There isn’t any doubt that Doug Marrone has every intention of winning these last couple games. If he wanted as high a draft pick as he could get, he wouldn’t have put Bortles on Sunday.
  • Calais Cambell has to be on the roster next year. Big mistake if he isn’t.
  • I'm confident Doug Marrone is the coach next season. Too soon to depart from a coach that got us to AFC Championship game last season.
  • That being said, he has to find a really good offensive coordinator. It will be the most important hire of his coaching career.
  • The only concern I have for him coming back is the WAY the team played. How does the behavior on and off the field change if the leadership is the same? Will Doug take a different approach next year? The lack of discipline and the number of personal fouls is unacceptable.
  • Blake will get a new opportunity with a different team. Probably not as s starter right away. I’m happy for him. He deserves it. I’ve always liked him and it appears he is a great teammate. Don’t be surprised if, at some point, Blake is getting significant time with another team. Sometimes a new environment is all a player needs.
  • Why is it OK for a player to talk trash if he can “back it up?” What kind of message does that send to young athletes? The players I have always respected the most were the guys who played hard, played well and kept their mouth shut. Just a thought.
  • We simply can't miss on next years first round QB. Jaguars have to remember that it's not only about what you can do, it's about who you are. Find a QB who is willing to work and wants to be great.
  • If they need some input on who to hire as the QB coach, I have some ideas. There are really some excellent teachers and communicators in the NFL that might be available.
  • Please go get a big-time receiver.
  • Let's get away from running the ball, good defense and no turnover mentality. We need a creative, up-tempo attacking offense that scores a lot of points. Of course, we need the players for it.
  • Don't be surprised if they trade Leonard Fournette in the off-season. I think the team would entertain offers. I get the feeling the Jaguars are tired of him. 

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