Dara Kam, News Service of Florida

Senior reporter, News Service of Florida

Senior reporter, News Service of Florida


Florida’s protest crackdown faces constitutional challenge

Civil rights attorneys are challenging a new set of state laws that establish a crime of “mob intimidation” and enhance penalties for riot-related violence and looting, arguing in a federal lawsuit that the measures unconstitutionally “seek to arrest the peaceful expression of free speech.”

GOP lawmakers take aim at ballot initiatives

Over the past decade, Florida voters approved changes to the state Constitution that legalized medical marijuana, restored felons’ voting rights and directed more money to land and water conservation. But a pair of proposals approved Monday by a House committee would make it harder for organizations to get future constitutional amendments on the ballot -- and to pass them. The proposals, approved by the House Public Integrity and Elections Committee, are the latest attempts in years of efforts by Republican lawmakers to clamp down on the ballot initiative process.