Accessory turns mobile phones, tablets into portable television

WJXT now broadcasting directly to Dyle TV-enabled mobile devices

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Looking for a way to watch your favorite Channel 4 programming on the go without eating up your phone's data plan?  Introducing Dyle TV, local television broadcast directly to your mobile phone or tablet.

Dyle TV and various electronic manufacturers have teamed up to produce devices that deliver live television broadcast from WJXT and other stations to mobile devices.

The new mobile TV receivers are available either as a wireless device or, for iPhones and iPads, as a device that plugs into your device's port.

What makes the device different?

Unlike livestream video on the web -- which is not going way -- Dyle is over-the-air broadcast television specifically geared to mobile devices. This allows an unlimited number of viewers to access the mobile television service all at once with no buffering or streaming issues.

How does it work?

The tuners receive ATSC-Mobile television signals on an antenna, then either connect directly to the dock of an iOS mobile device, or pull down the signal and transmit wirelessly to your Android or Apple phone or tablet.

With Dyle TV, people can receive our signal anytime and anywhere in the viewing area. Watch entertainment programming or stay informed with the latest local and national news.

The mobile broadcast technology is also designed to work if others are moving around in the room, even watching in a moving car.

How much does it cost? Where I can purchase one?

Depending on type of device and manufacturer, prices vary from $100 and $130. But that's all you ever have to buy, as this is free, over-the-air TV that does not use any data from your wireless plan. It is also accessible from wireless-only tablets.

Audiovox Mobile TV receiver

Audiovox mobileTV is designed to bringlive TV to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The Dyle Mobile TV App by Siano is available from the App Store and Google Play.
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Belkin Mobile TV receiver

Watch live TV right on your mobile device without WiFi® or data plans. Simply download the Dyle TV app and attach the Belkin Mobile TV receiver to your iPhone or iPad.
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ESCORT Mobile TV receiver

Looking for a new and exciting way to watch top sports, news and entertainment programming live and on the go? ESCORT MobileTV™ uses the latest technology to receive major network programming.
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Dlgato EyeTV Mobile TV tuner

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a portable TV and watch live television on the go! Just download the free EyeTV Mobile app and connect the EyeTV Mobile TV tuner.
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Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G from Metro PCS

MetroPCS is proud to offer this Android™ smartphone that brings live TV to the palm of your hand with the preloaded Dyle™ mobile TV app.
Read more and Radio Shack retail stores carry one or more of these devices, and more retailers are expected to begin stocking the devices before the holidays. 

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