4 safety tips for trailers on the road

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Driving a trailer on the roads is not an easy task, especially with all the bridges to cross and the traffic to contend with in the Jacksonville area.

The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department helped save two horses that were inside a trailer that overturned early Monday evening on Interstate 295.

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To help prevent this type of accident or one like it from happening again, here are four safety tips for trailers on the road:

1. See and be seen. Adjust your mirrors so you can see your trailer's back end and check regularly while on the road. Fish-eye mirrors for your truck are a good option.

2. Drive with your low beams on, even during the day. Also, brake lights high up on the rear of the trailer are best, so motorists can see when you're braking and have plenty of time to react.

3. Allow extra stopping distance while driving, to account for the additional weight of your trailer pushing on the tow vehicle.

4. Practice good sense by traveling at a safe speed for the current road conditions. Don't be bullied into going faster by traffic behind you. If a long line develops, find a safe place to pull over so cars can pass. 

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