1 killed, 3 injured when car hits fence, flips on Westside

Surveillance video shows deadly crash of stolen car after police chase

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Surveillance cameras captured a deadly crash involving a stolen car after a police chase early Thursday morning on the city's Westside, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. 

Police said Dontavious Joseph, 17, was thrown from the car and died. Police said three other people were taken to a hospital -- one person was in critical condition and the other two were in serious condition.

The single-vehicle crash shut down lanes of Cassat Avenue at Lenox Avenue for several hours.

VIDEO: Teen killed in stolen car crash, police say

Police reported a car was headed north on Cassat Avenue about 1 a.m. when it passed an officer with emergency lights on who had made an unrelated traffic stop. Police said almost soon as  the officer called in a reckless driver, the car left the road, stuck two fences, flipped over and skidded on its roof into the intersection about a couple hundred feet away.

Traffic homicide detectives quickly determined the wrecked car was reported stolen about the time of the crash. Police said a stolen gun was also recovered after the wreck.

Two cameras outside Expert T’s on Cassat Avenue caught most of the crash. In one angle, the car can be sliding by on its roof, with sparks flying, as officers follow close behind. 


WATCH: Surveillance video shows car sliding to stop

From the other angle, the car can be seen sliding to a stop, and legs can be seen hanging out the window. The video then shows that person get out and try to run before tripping and being caught by officers. It's unclear if that person was one of three taken to the hospital.

News4Jax asked the Sheriff's Office whether that person was arrested, but has not heard back. 

The crash remains under investigation.

Hours after the crash, a bent light pole, the damaged chain-link fence and broken concrete still remained in a beauty supply store parking lot.

News4Jax also stopped by the home of the 17-year-old who was killed, but was asked to leave.

According to the Sheriff's Office, this was the 35th traffic fatality in Jacksonville this year.

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