Round 1 of The Players commences

Fire weather turns from bad to worse as winds build and humidities drop

The Players
Thursday (Round 1) easily will be the most challenging for golfers and spectators, as smoky conditions and near record hot temperatures will dominate the afternoon skies. Morning temperatures will quickly pop into the 70s and then 80s by noon, reaching a high of 90° before the sea breeze shifts westerly winds into the southeast and become gusty, approaching 20 mph.
Friday (Round 2) will be similar to that of Thursday, with another smoky hot afternoon but the sea breeze kicks in after the lunch hour allowing for cooler afternoon temperatures. Highs in the 80s will cool with SE winds up to 20 mph.
Saturday (Round 3) Mid-day thundershowers ARE possible, so watch the skies anytime after 12 noon, most will be light and scattered but they could impact The Players.  If not, the sea breeze will help out with the heat. Afternoon highs will peak around 85° at The Players, then cool slowly back into the upper 70s. Southwest winds will build up to 20 mph.
Sunday (Round 4) Mother's Day will be the BEST day of the four rounds. The smoky conditions should move out allowing blue sunny skies.  Light northeast winds will keep afternoon highs only around 80° and then cooler breezes develop thereafter, winds will peak around 12 mph.
Thursday's Forecast
High 94
9 a.m. 75
12 noon 85
3 p.m. 92
Sunrise 6:36 am
Sunset 8:11 pm


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