Awesome weekend, if you wear your sunscreen and deal with early morning fog

Slight chance of an I-95 shower Saturday afternoon and Coastal Sea Fog during the late afternoon hours both days this weekend

Moon rise Saturday evening is at 7pm

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – What a streak of four back to back to back to back afternoons around Jacksonville. Each day seeing highs around 80° with wall to wall blue skies. We also had light winds and comfortably cool sunrises. No wonder the Gaughan Gauge was a “10″ on Friday.

Starting today, the complexities of too much of a good thing come to play.

Early morning’s will now have a bit more moisture, which means milder sunrise temperatures, that sounds good. It also means we will see patchy and possibly dense fog each sunrise, especially for those who live inland (west of I-95/St. Johns River). The fog will fade into afternoon clouds and that may bring in a stray afternoon shower.

See it gets complicated.

At area beaches, super sunshine will present a huge issue, yep, the need for sunscreen. This weekend’s Ultraviolet Index will be the highest in more than 4 months and it won’t take long for you to get a nasty sunburn. So, it is time to load up on the sunscreen.

And... Area beaches will see an onshore breeze which will bring in a chilly afternoon.

Sure, beach temperatures will warm all morning and early afternoon, until, the winds shift onshore and bring in dropping temperatures. By early evening, dinning at area beaches, I would have clothes to layer-up with as evening temperatures at area beaches will be in the 60s.

Putting it all together, grab some sunscreen and layer-up as you head to area beaches. Watch for some sunshine fog each morning, some will be dense fog.

Sunrise temperatures in the 60s and afternoon highs around 80-84° each day this weekend.


Mini-nor'easter starts on Tuesday

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