Not quite a “10” on the Gaughan Gauge (give it one more day)

A few high clouds and another chilly start

Give it one more day....

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – I am often asked how do I compute the Gaughan Gauge?

It’s complicated, but things that are put into it include, but not limited to: How much sunshine? Whether we need rain? Have we been cold lately? Maybe too warm lately? You get the idea... but ultimately the afternoon temperatures have to be between 75-82°. Below or above that I hear complaints about the number.

Today, it will be a “9″.

Hazy sunshine, with a chilly start as morning temperatures will begin in the 40s. Yet, by the noon hour temperatures will range form 70-74°, very nice! So, it’s a “9″ as temperatures will be slightly cool.

Tonight’s low will be around 50°.

Now, Thursday, afternoon highs will reach into the mid to upper 70s, especially inland areas. Super sunny skies too!

Hence it will be a “10″ on Thursday.

Heading to The Players, it will be chillier and breezier during the afternoon hours. The Players will have highs in the low 70s, quickly cooling into the 60s during the afternoon hours.

Heading to the weekend, the good times roll.

Spring ahead Saturday night

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