Boom! Record heat possible Tuesday

The 90s are back and we could be in for an extended period of toast temperatures

Sunrise temps jump quickly into the 80s
Sunrise temps jump quickly into the 80s

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We turned the calendar over the weekend and just like that our afternoon highs are much hotter. Monday had a high of 91°. The forecast for Tuesday is for a near record or record high of 93°. The old record, 93°, last happened back in 2006.

A toasty Tuesday will start off that way as sunrise temperatures will begin around 70. A few areas may drop into the 60s, but hover around 70°. Skies will be hazy sunny and humidity is back (last felt last fall). With lots of hazy sunshine, most places will see high temperatures in the low 90s. It will feel all that of summer.

Meanwhile, wild weather will be widespread across many Southern States, both Tuesday and Wednesday.

By Wednesday, that wild weather, although fading, will reach us and increase our chances of showers and maybe a rumble of thunder or two. With more clouds, Wednesday will be a couple of degrees cooler. Highs around 90°.

Thursday will be the day in which we will have the best chance of showers, storms and maybe some heavier rains. Highs only in the 80s.

Heading into Mother’s Day Weekend, Saturday will be amazing, with clear skies and cooler temperatures. Sunrise Saturday will start off cool. Sunrise temperatures in the 50s. Nice!

Other interesting details this week, include the Jumbo Shrimp are back and playing through Sunday! There is another Falcon 9 launch. Tuesday at 3:01 p.m.

Falcon 9 launch is at 3:01 p.m. Tuesday
Near Record Tuesday

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