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F-R-Y-Day before weekend storms

Friday afternoon will have feel-like temperatures in the low 100s

Sunday will not be a washout, yet...
Sunday will not be a washout, yet...

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Subtle shifts in the overall weather pattern will dry our afternoon skies out and jack up our temperatures. We could be seeing the true combination of heat and humidity for the first time this summer. The result will be afternoon highs into the 90s and feel-like (humiture, or heat index) into the low 100s. This will be especially true on Friday afternoon.

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Think cool thoughts, but if you are heading to the beach, sunscreen and watch out for rip currents.

Plus, gusty westerly winds will be pushing the heat (feel-like 100°) all the way to area beaches. It will not be until late in the afternoon, say after 3 p.m., a sea breeze will develop to cool beach temperatures down. Afternoon highs will be in the 90s.

Rain chance will be less, than Thursday, yet, do expect a few thundershowers to light up Exact Track 4D, these will be isolated and briefly heavy and also will be very random and small.

This weekend turns wet.

Cold front slides southward into South Georgia and when it gets there later Saturday it will fire-up some major and widespread storms. The front will also wash itself out over North Florida Sunday and Monday.

Do set-up some indoor plans Saturday through Monday afternoons.

Turns stormy this weekend

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