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Tropical train of rain takes a brief pause

Friday may see some decent sunshine as rains shift more inland

We will be well above this as the tropical moisture remains high
We will be well above this as the tropical moisture remains high

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Friday through Sunday we will continue with more deep tropical moisture.

This type of condition generally does not bring widespread severe storms, typically, the storms are moderate with lots of rain. They also have limited lightning, hail and high winds. Instead, as you would expect with these tropical conditions, you get cloudy skies, and torrential downpours, like we are seeing this evening.

Each day though, there will be subtle changes in how the thundershowers impact Jacksonville.

Thursday was a true umbrella day, as thundershowers will develop early and often. Rainfall will be the biggest threat as these slow moving rains will caused 1-5″ to fall on some backyards. Flooding rains were mainly along I-10 in Baker and Columbia counties.

Downtown (Duval) saw some heavy downpours, but not until the evening hours.

Friday will see drier atmospheric conditions and the rains will be pushing inland. That means, sunrise rains along area beaches, will quickly shift inland allowing a drier finish. But if you live inland, say along US301, the rains could AGAIN be heavy on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday will have sunrise rains along the coast, then move inland as widespread downpours. Again, slow moving rains/thundershowers will cause some backyard flooding. Skies will be rather cloudy during the afternoon and evening hours.

In other words, not a great weekend, but there could be some good moments.

Heavy rain potential continues but may shift more inland

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