Dog days of August shift into tropics watching

Pleasant and Steamy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Short term, tonight through Friday evening will be some of our quietest weather days we have seen all summer. As we saw earlier Thursday, a few isolated pop-up thundershowers along the sea-breeze in St. Johns and Duval counties developed around 4 p.m. and they quickly faded. That was basically it for rainfall.

Thursday evening, in particular, was super quiet on Exact Track 4D.

We are not even seeing the rather spectacular lightning display we saw way out west on Wednesday evening. Yes, those lightning bolts were some 75 miles away.

These evenings are the quiet or “calm” before the storms/rains of Fred.

There are growing indications from the global forecast models that when Fred finally reaches into the Florida Panhandle (Monday), he will slow down considerably and possibly stall out for a day or two.

The impact will be for very heavy rains. These rains will come in waves, with some dry periods in between.


Too soon to tell, but 1-4″ across our area on Sunday-Monday seems highly probable.

Prior to all of that?

Friday will have a few brief and isolated lunchtime thundershowers up and down I-95, followed by inland evening thunderstorms. Highs each day into the low 90s as feel-like temperatures max out around 102°. Sunrise will be just before 7 a.m. and with temperatures in the mid-70s.

These are the dog days of August.

Dog days to watching the tropics, maybe twice next week

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