Umbrella Wednesday? Not totally.

Kind of high for a day with thundershowers, yet it will be warm.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Wednesday morning, fog will again be back, mostly inland Florida and west of the St. Johns River. Best part? The fog will burn off rapidly. Sunshine will become bright and temperatures will jump quickly through the 70s.


There may even be a few 80s. Plus! Winds will be offshore (southwesterly) and that means area beaches will also see warm temperatures. Expect area beaches to see highs into the 70s too!

Thundershowers will approach southern Georgia and North Florida. Associated with a cold front. The front is not super strong, which means, we will get a one day chill down (Thursday) before warmer temperatures come right back at us Friday and Saturday.

Sunday will also see a brief (but bigger) chill down.

More details as we get closer to the weekend.

Warm too! Before the t-showers
Warm for December