Snowflake emoji and why it’s falling into everyone’s messages.

Snowflake Emoji (Copyright 2020 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

There are over 3,304 emojis as of March 2020 according to Most emojis have an alternate meaning either in a positive, negative, or sexual meaning. The latest emoji falling into that category and dropping into everyone DM’s (Direct Messages) is the Snowflake emoji “❄️”.

The Snowflake emoji has been falling and melting into everyone DMs lately, including the Old Time Road creator LilNasX (whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill) from cable channel MTV. The 21-year-old singer posted on Twitter “bro who runs mtv ig acc lmao” MTV replied, “but r u gonna answer me or no”. Washington D.C. Basketball Team, The Washington Wizards decided to also join the trend and slide the emoji in other NBA basketball sports accounts.

So, CW17 decided to drop the emoji into News4Jax DM’s to see if they will reply back. (They Did)

CW17 dropping a Snowflake Emoji into News4Jax DM (Copyright 2020 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)


What does the snowflake emoji mean?

It means “shooting your shot”- letting your pride and ego go for someone or something you’re interested in. Which is also called flirting “I am deeply in love with you and hope we have a future together”. This is not the original meaning but what users on social media implied it.

Where and who did it start from?

It started with 29-year-old Migos rapper, Quavo (whose real name is Quavious Marshall) shared a screenshot of his first Instagram message on Twitter too now girlfriend Saweetie (whose real name is Diamonté Harper). In the “How it Started, How it’s Going” trend that was buzzing all week on Social Media.

Was that the intent of the Instagram message?

No, the rapper Instagram message was about Saweetie 2017 hit song “Icy Girl” thus the snowflake emoji “❄️”. In which Saweetie replied with a noodle bowl emoji “🍜” in regards to Quavo’s hit song “Stir Fry”.

What “u so icy im a glacier boy” mean?

It was established when the hip-hop group Migos (Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff) and Gucci Mane meet up “glacier boy”. On social media, there’s no consensual meaning but it can be referred to as “You so icy (blinged out/rich) and I’m a glacier boy (interested)”. Some users will reply with "don’t message me unless you have Quavo money or energy”.

But and there’s another meaning?

Yes, the meaning of emojis change frequently as time progress and social media trends take over the internet. An individual can send or add a snowflake emoji to a sentence that applies in a negative or positive tone that you or a person is “unique and/or overly sensitive”. But the original meaning will remain the same “ice crystal or a snowstorm”.

After the couple shared their love story, users took to social media to “shoot there shot” and try the “Quavo’s snowflake emoji pickup line” with other users, companies, and celebrities. Accompanied by “u so icy im a glacier boy”.

But if the person replies with a fire emoji “🔥” that person has melted your snowflake, which means they’re not interested.

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