Environmental meltdown during Hurricane Matthew power outages

I-TEAM tests water after human waste released into local rivers, streets

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In the hours and days Jacksonville was without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, a filthy, invisible enemy was left behind that is still threatening the health of Jacksonville residents.

11 million gallons of raw sewage released

Eleven million gallons of raw sewage -- human waste -- was accidentally released into our rivers and on our streets after the storm knocked out power to 67 lift stations, which is 5 percent, according to JEA. At the bottom of this article, you'll find an interactive map of all the locations where lift stations failed during Hurricane Matthew.

The human waste that accidentally poured into our waterways and into Jacksonville communities can not only emit an awful stench, the E.coli can make you extremely sick -- and can cause anemia and kidney failure.

The I-TEAM worked with a local lab, Advanced Environmental Laboratories, to test the E.coli levels last Thursday, in communities where large amounts of that raw sewage was spilled. We compared our results with those taken by JEA immediately after the Hurricane. The good news is that the raw sewage levels are decreasing, but fecal coliform is still very present in many of our waterways.

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I-TEAM examines 3 raw sewage spill locations

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