Colleagues show little support after councilman calls for JEA CEO to resign

Councilman Matt Carlucci called for JEA CEO Aaron Zahn to resign Friday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After councilman Matt Carlucci sent out a statement Friday calling for the resignation of JEA CEO Aaron Zahn, many members of the Jacksonville City Council said Monday they need more information before doing the same.

Carlucci spoke to News4Jax on Monday and explained his request. He said Zahn and the proposed JEA sale is dividing Jacksonville.

"Jacksonville moves best when we move together. And we are not moving together here,” Carlucci said. “Turn off the light switch and move on with what you have which is a public utility, or have a cooling-off period and start again.”

News4Jax tried contacting all 18 other council members to get their response and if they support Carlucci. Most have not returned our calls, but of those who did, seven said they need to do more research on the issue.

"How I feel about it is we need to take a look and see what is best for the citizens of Jacksonville,” councilman Sam Newby said.

Newby repeated the line several times when asked if he could be more specific, but did add he was troubled with some of the recent actions by the JEA board.

Council members who seemed in support of asking Zahn to resign were much more direct.


“I think it’s totally within Mr. Carlucci‘s purview as a councilmember to make that request. He has my support,” councilwoman Brenda Priestly Jackson said.

Councilmember Joyce Morgan said the community has not been at odds about what has been happening in the negotiations.

“When you’re saying the buck stops at the top then that is a reason for a CEO to consider resigning,” Morgan said.

News4Jax did request another interview with Zahn on Monday to answer questions about recent events including Carlucci’s request that he step down. A JEAs spokesperson denied that request.

News4Jax also asked the City about Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and his reaction. We are still waiting on a response.

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