Answering 5 common questions in preparing for Dorian

With so much uncertainty about Hurricane Dorian's track, the entire state of Florida is in preparation mode.

Christian Smith with the Red Cross offers answers to the most common questions asked as Floridians prepare for a hurricane.

What are the bare minimum items you need in your hurricane kit?

  • Food and water
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Copies of all your important papers
  • Backup batteries for cellphones and other tools
  • Prescription and eyeglasses

PRINTABLE: Hurricane supplies checklist

What items might I not be thinking about for my kit?

  • Extra clothes
  • Things for children to do (books and games)
  • Each kit is unique based on the family
  • Put it together now while it's still calm and beautiful outside

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Can I stay or do I need to evacuate?

  • Heed your emergency warnings
  • Know your house and the area around it (do you feel comfortable staying if you're not in an evacuation zone?)
  • If you need to evacuate, consider where you will go: shelter, friends and family, or somewhere else
  • If you need a special needs shelter, register with the city now

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Can I take my pet with me?

  • Some shelters in Jacksonville are designated to allow pets (check coj.net)
  • Check the requirements for bringing your pet
  • It's not a drop-off situation -- you have to stay with your pet

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How do I prepare my home?

  • Walk around your house and do an inventory
  • Trim your trees back
  • Clean your gutters out
  • Remove debris (even garbage cans and flower pots) that could become airborne
  • Board up if it's necessary
  • Every home is unique to personal needs

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